Saskatoon Food & Ingredient Processing Cluster

The Saskatoon Food and Ingredient Processing Cluster (SFIPC) is centred in Saskatoon and includes businesses and organizations from a variety of communities within the region and Northern Saskatchewan. SFIPC is fostering relationships with over 90 food and ingredient companies, world-class education institutions and research and development facilities.

SFIPC strives to become a global leader in food, beverage and ingredient innovation and processing. Its mission is to develop a strong business environment for the value-added agri-food processing cluster through collaboration, ideation and resource maximization. By working together, we can enhance opportunities for investment and job creation for the benefit of the entire agri-value sector.

PrairiesCan has been supporting SFIPC since 2018, with research, outreach, pathfinding and funding.

For more information on the SFIPC contact:
Joanne Baczuk
Director of Ecosystem Development
Ag-West Bio